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About Us

We started Vice Burger, a plant-based fast food joint on Magnolia Avenue, Fort Worth, to promote healthier, ethical eating and enjoy our favorite comfort foods guilt-free. 

The Cooper Studio designed this Vice Burger badge featuring the monster veggie burger

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ArtsGoggle booth for the debut of Vice Burger

the beginning

At Vice Burger, it’s not just about putting relish on a vegan hot dog. It’s about relishing every bite of guilt-free gluttony. We’re proudly born and bred right on Magnolia Avenue in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas.

our values

Our juicy plant-based burgers are not just another meal; they’re a flavor-packed fiesta for your taste buds. We’ve reinvented classic comfort food favorites and turned them into mouthwatering vegan delights that you won’t be able to resist.

So, if you’re ready to dive into a world of scrumptious plant-based burgers, fries, and more, Vice Burger is your passport to guilt-free indulgence. Come join us on Magnolia Avenue, and live life on the veg!

dog loves vice burger
boulevard of greens packaging designed by the cooper studio

our other passions

Its pretty clear we love animals and taking good care of our bodies, so we have other businesses that represent those passions:

Boulevard of Greens
Roots Coffee House
Metro Animals
Happy K9

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veggie monster burger